2021, the best year so far for French Fintech companies

Despite being locked down and remote at the start of the year, French fintech companies have made the most of 2021. From huge fundraisers to accelerated innovation, French deep techs have had their best year yet.
Lingua Custodia, expert in specialised machine translation, has done everything it could to take advantage of this favourable time, and has been rewarded: 

How? Firstly, by staying in tune with the market and our clients. 

Financial institutions are looking for solutions to enhance their transition to a greener finance. To help them, Lingua Custodia has introduced a series of tools drawing upon Natural Language Processing, which is central to our work.
At the beginning of 2021, we created a lexical comparator prototype, to get a comparative picture of two companies’ reports on three criteria: Economy, Environment, and Social.In addition, we launched the first machine translation engine specialising in ESG, designed to translate all documents referring to sustainable finance.

Secondly, by forming more partnerships within the ecosystem. 

We decided to combine our skills in finance and Machine Learning with those of other fintech/regtech companies.
We have thus forged new partnerships with Sequantis in April 2021 and more recently CSS Compliance in September 2021. The result of our collaborations: 100% integrated reporting solutions to produce, translate and distribute multilingual regulatory documents.

I am pleased to announce that a new transcription service is available to our clients. 

The technology of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and more specifically of neural networks for speech recognition, enables us to offer the conversion of recordings, podcasts, etc. into text and their machine translation. 

Enjoy all our services at the 2021 rates before the end of the year!

Interested ? Contact Frédéric Moioli:

Frédéric Moioli
Managing Director Luxembourg
Global Head of Business Development


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