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Direct API access to Lingua Custodia Technology

We apply Machine Learning technology to financial languages to develop smart machine translation engines.


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Our financial language database is unique. It is the real asset that feeds our translation engines. It becomes richer every day.

Artificial Intelligence

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Our expertise in artificial intelligence incorporates the most recent developments in Deep Learning using neural networks.



We are experts in both technology and financial language. Our solutions have been designed to meet all your needs.

Integration into a global production workflow for end clients

Integration into a global production workflow for end clients

The Lingua Custodia API allows you to access our specialised machine translation services directly on your interface.
We designed fast and secure access for optimised translation processes.

  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Cost reduction
  • Translation consistency
  • Improved process turn-around
  • Connection with OMS/PMS platforms
How does it work?

How does it work?

- API Connection-



Your system connects automatically

through our secure platform.


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Send translation requests.

Automatically receive texts translated by our API.

- Easy and secure integration with your own systems -

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