Business Partners

We believe in the added value of each and every player in the financial ecosystem. 

As we believe in the mutual benefits of partnerships, we are offering a Business Partners program to reward each partner who put us in contact with a new Lead. 

Based on trust, our Business Partners program rewards each contact resulting in a service, by a commission determined in advance. 

Join the Business Partners program and participate in the development of the Fintech ecosystem in France and abroad. 

Traduction automatique finance


Lingua Custodia is the only Machine Translation company founded by finance professionals to specifically address the issues they encountered during their careers, thanks to Machine Translation.

Traduction automatique finance

Machine Translation

Machine translation allows you to immediately obtain a translation in order to understand a text. In fact, we have designed a Plug and Play range of specialised engines offered in 9 languages via our secure Verto web platform.

Traduction automatique finance

Finalised Translation

Post-Editing = Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence. Hence, a proof-reading and amendment option if the document needs to be distributed or shared. All done by our network of  experienced translators specialised in finance. 

our audience

Do you have a network of contacts in the financial sector ? Can you connect us with key decision makers ?

Our solution is particularly well suited for the following actors, all around the world: 

  • Investment Banks
  • Asset Managers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Private Banking
  • Depository Banks
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Merchant banking
  • Brokers


To set up an effective framework, we provide you with useful and relevant communication tools. Our Business Partners contractual frameworks defines a clear and transparent process. 

Traduction automatique finance
Lead Submission
Lead Acceptance
Lead Introduction

Negociation & Deal by Lingua Custodia

Commission payment if deal confirmed


Traduction automatique finance
  • Attractive commission
  • Simple and transparent process
  • Clear and structured contract
  • You remain fully independant
  • A proactive role in the fintech ecosystem
  • Efficient communication tools
  • Strong support team
  • Training on the fundamentals of Machine Learning


A Lead is a natural person with a key decision-making role in a target company for our services.

No. We prefer to work with established business structures.

  • Proposal of a Lead
  • Acceptance of the Lead
  • Introduction of the Lead
  • Commercial negotiation conducted by Lingua Custodia teams
  • Payment 

No fee shall be payable regardless of the service concerned in the following cases:
–         If the Partner performs an advisory mission to the Confirmed Lead in direct connection with the services provided by the Client,
–         If the Partner is an employee, a shareholder or an administrator of the company for which he would like to introduce a Lead.

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