“Simultaneously communicate and reassure clients and partners across the world” Frédéric Moioli

16 March 2020

Last September, Frédéric took the responsibility of the new subsidiary in Luxembourg and global business development of Lingua Custodia. Three new joiners have reinforced his sales team: Mona, Guillaume and Henry. What was the reason for creating Lingua Custodia? The idea arose during a market crisis (2007/2008 Subprimes) when its founder, current CEO Olivier Debeugny, […]

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Lingua Custodia wins the 3rd round of Start-Up Stories and is qualified for the Final

20 September 2019

We are happy and proud to be one of the two winners of the third round of Start-up Stories organised by PaperJam last Tuesday in Luxembourg. We very much look forward to the 18th of December, last round of the competition to win the Start-Up Stories Award! Congratulations to all contestants and thank you to […]

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Lingua Custodia selected for Startup stories organized by PaperJam

17 September 2019

Find us at the House of startups in Luxembourg where we were selected by PaperJam to participate in the ‘Start up stories: Round 3.’  A few weeks from the inauguration of our new Luxembourg subsidiary, we are very pleased to take part in this event and network  with our new neighbours!  PaperJam interviewed our CEO […]

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Lingua Custodia contributes to the WMT19 Conference on Machine Translation for the second year in a row.

12 July 2019

CTO Franck Burlot, in co-working with the LIUM Lab from Le Mans University, organised a research task in the context of the upcoming WMT19 Conference on Machine Translation. Franck additionally contributed to that task by providing a dedicated system that he will be presenting on the 1st and 2nd of August in Florence. WMT is […]

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Applying neural machine networks to machine translation

8 August 2017

Machine translation is about to turn a corner, with a new emerging technology to support its advancement. Development on machine translation began in the 1950s with the first computers referencing a database containing linguistic rules.  A heavy workload was required to ‘programme’ dictionaries and apply grammatical rules while the output was frequently disappointing. Machine translation […]

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Lingua Custodia’s Chief Scientist speaks at the Journées Franciliennes des Doctorants en Mathématiques

21 November 2016

Our Chief Scientist, Vito Mandorino, was delighted to be asked to speak last week at the Journées Franciliennes des Doctorants en Mathématiques which was organised by the Fondation des Sciences Mathématiques de Paris, the Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard and the Région Ile-de-France.  The purpose of this event was to present to Ph.D. students of mathematics and […]

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Why should a young company sponsor the 4L Trophy?

5 August 2016

Lingua Custodia offers a customised machine translation solution, called VERTO, which is specialised in the financial domain.  Our company, leader of artificial intelligence applied to financial translations is proud to make a financial contribution to a humanitarian project and to support Lucie Benard, a student in Digital marketing and Jean-Baptiste Duchesne, a young graduate in […]

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A vision of how your personal finance might be managed in 20 years’ time!

25 May 2016

We are in 2036, you are now at the end of your professional career and cash rich after years spent reimbursing your house and other investments. You are wondering how you could invest your new cash flows. You log onto a global investment information platform in order to search for the mix of investment vehicles […]

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Machine Learning in Finance?

12 April 2016

Machine learning is an expression we hear more and more in our daily life, and yet, how many of us have a precise idea of what it is?  How many businesses have taken into account the major changes that machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are bound to bring to their daily activities? We’ve all […]

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Machine translation and human translation: friend or foe?

17 March 2016

When launched in the fifties, machine translation was initially used for military purposes, specifically to spy on the exchanges made between the Soviet Union and its allies. In 1966, the American Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee (ALPAC) – in charge of evaluating the progress in computational linguistics – published a report showing its skepticism about the research done so far […]

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