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“The benefits of this Artificial Intelligence solution have been immediate […]”

Romain Bouyssou, VP Operation Platform at Unigestion

Romain Bouyssou, VP Operation Platform at Unigestion

As asset managers with international offices and clients worldwide, translation is an essential part of our business. It plays an important role in our reporting cycle. Therefore it needs to be extremely accurate in order to provide clarity and transparency to our stakeholders and clients.

Historically, our translation process favoured independent translation agencies and individual translators. However, the digital world requires teams to be agile in the monitoring process and so these traditional methods have become outdated. With time saving being paramount, we felt these traditional structures no longer met our needs.

Following the arrival of Unigestion’s COO, Cédric Le Moan, and our desire to introduce new technological innovation into our platform monitoring and research operations, we decided to optimise the translation process, in particular our market comments. We therefore submitted a tender to several providers.

After a trial period with Lingua Custodia, we found their services offered to be very helpful, and the results were extremely positive, achieving between 70% and 80% accuracy.

Lingua Custodia has the mindset of a fintech start-up, solid experience and a clear understanding of the various constraints their clients can have. Particularly in the financial services sector. The benefits of this artificial intelligence solution have been immediate. Both in terms of simplifying our workflow and increasing productivity. We gained three man days a month on monitoring, comment production, controls, validation and sending. We have also increased speed and efficiency while saving costs. This has allowed us to focus on our core business without having the various technical and human constraints we had in the past.

In addition, the Lingua Custodia solution was immediately implemented by our Reporting team. Lingua Custodia’s ability to adapt in terms of materials and the user-friendly interface were key factors in our choice to work with them.

Lingua Custodia has since become more than a tool; it is part of our daily working life making it possible to have efficient and accurate translation. By using the solution daily we are also able to teach their engine our vocabulary, and thus, over time, we will arrive at an outcome almost similar to that of a human.

Lastly, their monthly newsletter helps us to keep up with their improvements and informs us about new language pair updates.

About Unigestion

Unigestion is an independent, specialist asset manager providing innovative, tailored solutions for investors worldwide. Since our creation in 1971, we have stayed true to our conviction that intelligent risk-taking is key to delivering consistent returns over time. Today, we are responsible for over USD 20bn in assets under management across our four areas of expertise – equities, private equity, liquid alternatives and multi asset.

Helping our clients achieve investment success drives everything we do. We take the time to truly understand their requirements and work with them to create tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Our focus on understanding and anticipating risk as a means to outperform sets us apart. Risk management is part of our DNA, our culture and defines everything we do. By taking risk in a measured, informed way, we aim to deliver superior performance for our clients.

Headquartered in Geneva, Unigestion has a global presence that extends across Europe, North America and Asia. We are privately owned, with a shareholder structure designed to ensure our long-term stability and align our interests with those of our clients.

Source: Unigestion as at June 2020

Contact Frédéric Moioli, Lingua Custodia’s Global Head of Business Development, to learn more.


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