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Case study : Improving Business Productivity

- The issue -

The multilingual RFP team in a UK management company spends a lot of time translating English documents into other European languages to coordinate other internal team responses to invitations to tender. Normally, the company only translates internally and in an emergency for time and confidentiality reasons.

- Our solution -

Lingua Custodia builds a customised machine translation engine, based on company-specific past translations. Using Deep Learning technology, the engine is trained to automatically learn and produce increasingly accurate translations as it is used. 

The RFP team team thus profits in:

  • Speed: Translating efficiently within very tight deadlines
  • Flexibility: Translating varying volumes
  • Quality: Ensuring consistency in the translations and vocabulary used
  • Cost: Able to limit the costs impacting a growing business, thereby finding a solution to the ‘hidden costs’ of internal translation
  • Autonomy: The organisation successfully minimises external dependencies

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