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As former finance professionals, we are experts in both financial terminology and technology. We designed Verto to resolve the problems which we ourselves had encountered while performing financial translations.

Do you often find yourself having to do translations? Do you issue internal reports which need to be translated? Would you like to automate/manage the translation processes? Are you looking to reduce your translation budget? Are you often having to perform urgent translations?

Our solutions.

Our solutions.

Specialised Machine translation

traduction automatique sécurisée

Secure web platform

Specialised by documents type

9 available languages

Original document format


Post-Editing option

Finalised Translation (post-editing)

traduction automatique finance

Secure web platform

All types of  documents

All languages

Original document format


Document is ready to be distributed

Machine translation allows you to immediately obtain a translation in order to understand a text. There is a proof-reading and amendment (post-editing) option if the document needs to be distributed or shared.

We offer this finalised translation service by working closely with our network of dedicated and experienced Finance translators. More information.

We can also study customized engine solutions. For more information, please contact us.

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How does it work?

How does it work?

- Machine translation -


Secure connection
To the Verto platform


Upload documents to be translated
with choice of languages


Download of documents
Translated into the same format

- Finalised translation service -


Post Edited by a
Financial Translator


Delivery of
the finalised translation

We apply Machine Learning technology to financial languages to develop intelligent machine translation engines. Thanks to the Deep Learning process – neural networks – these engines are trained to learn as they translate and become increasingly accurate over time.



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