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Machine translation is a powerful translation tool, particularly in highly specialised areas such as ours, but it cannot yet produce a perfect translation (ambiguous texts, new vocabulary).

Your document is translated by one of our specialised engines. It is then reviewed, updated and validated in the target language by a native financial professional translator. Finally, the completed document is sent back to you in its original format. A rapid and economic service. The quality is guaranteed.

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Case study : Reduction of costs

- The issue -

The Chief Operating Officer of an international financial institution in charge of a global cost saving plan realises, not only that the translation processes and budgets of his organisation are not optimised, but also that it represents a significant cost once all team expenses have been calculated.

- Our solution -

Firstly, Lingua Custodia performs a comprehensive audit of existing translation processes to produce mapping as well as an estimation of internal and external translation costs. We propose, under appproval of the Management Committee, an optimisation plan that includes a review of processes, their optimisation by Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) technology and the outlining of forward looking return on investment indicators. Finally, Lingua Custodia implements the optimisation plan and monitors the long-term achievement of expected savings.

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Additonally, we can study customised engine solutions. For more information, please contact us.
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