Lingua Custodia contributes to the WMT19 Conference on Machine Translation for the second year in a row.

CTO Franck Burlot, in co-working with the LIUM Lab from Le Mans University, organised a research task in the context of the upcoming WMT19 Conference on Machine Translation.

Franck additionally contributed to that task by providing a dedicated system that he will be presenting on the 1st and 2nd of August in Florence.

WMT is the annual competition where major MT players, both academic and industry-side, are evaluated and compared:

“Lingua Custodia at WMT’19: Attempts to Control Terminology”


This paper describes Lingua Custodia’s submission to the WMT’19 news shared task for German-to-French on the topic of the EU elections. We report experiments on the adaptation of the terminology of a machine translation system to a specific topic, aimed at providing more accurate translations of specific entities like political parties and person names, given that the shared task provided no in-domain training parallel data dealing with the restricted topic. Our primary submission to the shared task uses backtranslation generated with a type of decoding allowing the insertion of constraints in the output in order to guarantee the correct translation of specific terms that are not necessarily observed in the data.

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