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Lingua Custodia’s Chief Scientist speaks at the Journées Franciliennes des Doctorants en Mathématiques

journees-franciliennes-des-doctorants-en-sciences-mathematiquesOur Chief Scientist, Vito Mandorino, was delighted to be asked to speak last week at the Journées Franciliennes des Doctorants en Mathématiques.  It was organised by the Fondation des Sciences Mathématiques de Paris; the Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard and the Région Ile-de-France.  The purpose of this event was to present to Ph.D. students of mathematics and related areas, careers in the economic or industrial field at the end of their doctorate.

Vito was able to speak about Lingua Custodia and how we apply Artificial Intelligence to financial translation. Further allowing them to understand that AI & machine translation is a possible career path they can choose.


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