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Paris: 1 / Luxembourg: 1

Two new talents joining Lingua Custodia team, in Paris and Luxembourg!

Raheel Qader joins Franck Burlot’s team as a researcher in Natural Language Processing in Paris. Mona Mahmod joins Frédéric Moioli’s team in Luxembourg as Sales Account Manager.

Prior to joining our Research & Development team, Raheel was a Post-doctoral Researcher at the University of Grenoble. He has published many research papers and has a PhD in Natural Language Processing (NLP) from the University of Rennes as well as a Master in NLP from the University of Sheffield. Raheel speaks Kurdish, English and French.

Mona joins our sales team in Luxembourg. She previously worked for BauFinanzInvest GmbH in Germany in a sales and advisory role. She has more than 5 years of professional international experience. Mona holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Business from the University of Applied Sciences from Trier and will graduate this year with a Master of Science (MSc) in Economics/Management from the FernUniversität of Hagen.

She speaks German, Arabic, English and French.

Welcome Mona and Raheel!

More about Lingua Custodia 

Lingua Custodia is the unique Fintech company, founded by asset management professionals, applying Artificial Intelligence to Financial Translations. We build machine translation engines specifically designed for the financial industry. 
The aim is twofold: achieve a superior translation quality thanks to highly domain-focused deep learning algorithms. And help financial institutions to communicate rapidly with their clients in multiple languages.

It offers a full range of services, with around 100 specialised engines available in 9 languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

Lingua Custodia is not only recognised as a Young Innovative Company by the French Ministry of Research. But also certified by Finance Innovation since 2014. In addition, it is one of the founding members of the France Fintech association created in 2015. It was elected Fintech of the Year at the European Finance Summit.

The company is a member of the LHoFT (Luxembourg House of Financial Technology) since 2018. And a member of the Village by CA.


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