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Regtech company CSS Compliance and Lingua Custodia join forces to launch an all-in-one solution to produce, translate and distribute factsheets, prospectuses, and other key investor documents in an industrialised way.

CSS Lingua Custodia

Regtech Sequantis LT and Lingua Custodia offer a 100% integrated solution for the creation and translation of multilingual regulatory documentation.

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LISN, a strongly multi-disciplinarity laboratory, hosts researchers from Engineering Sciences and Computer Science, but also from Life Sciences and Social Sciences. Its scientific field covers Natural Language Processing, Human-Machine Interaction, Augmented and Virtual Reality...

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Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA)

As a force of expertise, testing and engineering within the ministère des Armées, the DGA is responsible for equipping the armed forces in a sovereign manner, preparing the future of defence systems, promoting European cooperation and supporting exports.

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Agence Innovation Défense (AID)

The AID federates the Ministry's innovation initiatives by ensuring the coordination all innovation approaches. While pursuing work on technological innovation over the long term, the AID is the sensor of opportunity innovations: operations management, equipment, support...

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Le Village by CA

Le Village by CA (Crédit Agricole) has been linking start-ups and partner companies since 2014.
Their the goal is to accelerate innovation and business by means of a unique network implemented throughout France and
the World.

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The LHoFT Foundation is a public - private sector initiative. It drives technology innovation for Luxembourg’s financial services industry, connecting the domestic and international Fintech community to develop solutions that shape the world of tomorrow.

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TechQuartier, founded in 2016 in Europe‘s financial center of Frankfurt, is a
cross-industry innovation platform created to bring startups, corporates and new talent together to work, meet, learn and collaborate on new technologies and digital business models.

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Finance Innovation

Finance Innovation is a professional association.
It brings together private providers of research and technological development, companies offering innovative products, processes or services and players in innovation consulting and support.

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France Fintech

Created in June 2015 on the initiative of entrepreneurs, France FinTech is a non-profit association. Their mission is to promote the excellence of the sector in France and to represent French fintech with the public authorities, the regulator and the ecosystem.

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For many years now, the Paris Region
supports the development of Small and Medium Enterprises in France. It mobilise not only financial aid but also supports their growth strategies
for 3 years, through various programs. Among them, the PM'Up project.

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