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As finance professionals, we are experts in both financial terminology and technology. We designed Verto to resolve the problems which we ourselves had encountered while performing financial translations.

Engine Type

Annual and Quarterly Reports, IFRS Registration Documents/Terminology

Any marketing document related to asset management (RFP, presentation of investement expertise, fund ranges, etc.)

Notices on Securities Transactions
Equity Research, including the use of specific abbreviations

For all documents related to Sustainable Finance

Financial generic engine - News/financial articles for example

Fund factsheets, Reportings, Investment Comments

Macro research, Newsletter/Economics article, General financial research publications

Fund Prospectus, Key Investor Information Documents, Legal Documentation for Investment Funds

Publications issued by regulators, laws or contracts relating to the financial markets

Case study : Contributing to Economic Intelligence

- The issue -

A French management company is looking to expand into the Italian market and needs to collect a lot of information: A list of local competitors, local funds, their characteristics etc…. Lots of documents: Fund prospectuses, KIIDs and monthly reports have been collected in Italian and the company is seeking a solution to obtain a translation that will enable them to understand the contents of the documents and carry out their analysis without having to pay the price of a translation with an ‘objective to publish’ that would make the project financially unfeasible.

- Our solution -

Lingua Custodia offers its range of specialised engines that translate prospectuses, KIIDs and management comments. In this way, the company can immediately obtain accurate translations of as many documents as necessary – with full autonomy – at a fixed and controlled cost.


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