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Why should a young company sponsor the 4L Trophy?

Lingua Custodia offers a customised machine translation solution, called VERTO, which is specialised in the financial domain. 

Our company, leader of artificial intelligence applied to financial translations is proud to make a financial contribution to a humanitarian project and to support Lucie Benard, a student in Digital marketing and Jean-Baptiste Duchesne, a young graduate in Finance, for the 4L Trophy 2017 edition.

The 4L Trophy challenge is an event dedicated to 18 to 28 years old students who are keen to experience a sporting and socially responsible adventure. The rally starts in Biarritz and ends in Marrakech. Driving Renault 4Ls, teams will attempt to cover a distance of 6,000 kilometres, over some very challenging Moroccan terrain.  In addition to the thrill of the race, teams will have the privilege of working along with the Paris-based organization “Enfants du Désert” in delivering more than 60 tons of educational and sporting equipment to schools in remote areas of Morocco – and sharing in the excitement of recipient communities.

Here is a recent interview of the 4L Trophy team. Lucie Benard and Jean-Baptiste Duchesne and Olivier Debeugny, President of Lingua Custodia:

How did you hear about the 4L Trophy?

We heard about the 4L Trophy because last year one of our friends did the rally and told us all about his adventure. We are very keen to discover a new country while at the same time, being involved in an initative to improve the well-being of its inhabitants.

Why did you decide to embark on this adventure?

The humanitarian aspect of the rally is for us important and we will bring over 50 kilos of school supplies to children of the Moroccan desert. Nearly 4000 students will take part to the rally and there should be a lot of sharing and mutual assistance. The 4L Trophy is a unique opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves in a new environment while contributing to the welfare of the local populations. The aim of the rally is not to arrive first but to achieve our goal while driving the shortest distance.

When will the 4L trophy start?

The rally will start on the 14th of February 2017 in Biarritz and we will cross the whole of Spain. We will then make a circuit in the Moroccan desert in order to arrive at Marrakech our final destination on the 26th of February 2017 when the closing ceremony takes place.

What are your expectations on the professional and personal side from this rally?

Professionally, we already learned a lot with the organisation. We had to establish a budget, raise funds, and convince sponsors.

On the personal side, it is too to say but we expect to come back with a new vision of the world, a better understanding of different cultures, and a new approach to sharing wealth.

Lucie Bénard 

Why did you choose to study Digital marketing?

I have a passion for Marketing and I believe that a strong digital approach is essential.  I think we are still in the early days of the digital transformation of companies and I am sure there will be many job opportunities in this sector when I graduate.

What do you think about artificial intelligence?

It’s a promising sector that will allow in the short and medium term to upgrade human capabilities in numerous domains. Virtual reality is booming and this is not going to stop. AI is still a young domain and we can see how important it has already become. Lingua Custodia is a good example of it!!

Jean-Baptiste Duchesne

Are there some common points between your professional activities and the 4L trophy?

 Since my graduation in Finance, I have been working in different areas within the financial industry. This has helped me identify my strenghts and interests. I believe, that the 4L Trophy will be a very rich human adventure, requiring many soft skills. It those soft skills are today the main differentiating factor in a professional environment specifically in the finance industry.

Lingua Custodia helps finance professional to translate quicker the documents that are to be translated in house, have you ever had to translate yourself financial documents?

Of course, I had to translate several financial documents myself during my various jobs and it is indeed very time consuming. I think that Lingua Custodia is addressing a very pertinent pain point!

Olivier Debeugny, Lingua Custodia CEO

Why did you decide to sponsor Lucie and Jean-Baptiste team for the 4L trophy despite Lingua Custodia still being a young company?

I was first very impressed by the quality of the sponsor file I received from the team. This shows that you don’t need 10 years work experience to prepare very high quality presentation documents.

I also recognise the history of Lingua Custodia in what Lucie and Jean-Baptiste are and will experience: we also started with nothing except a high level of motivation, we had to raise funds, gather a highly motivated and skilled team and we are also living a fantastic human experience.

On a cultural aspect, Lingua Custodia has many connections with Africa. In our team of 9 people, 4 of them, Arezki, Massinissa, Bailo and Alpha are originate from this continent. For us to sponsor the 4L trophy and the distribution of school supplies to Africa is a very modest yet symbolic way to say thank you for all what this continent did for Lingua Custodia.

Is there a connection between your activities and the team that you sponsor for the 4L trophy?

Lucie is studying Digital Marketing and Jean Baptiste graduated in Finance. Lingua Custodia was created to help financial institutions through their digital transformation thanks to its smart machine translation solutions. You can therefore understand that this team is a very good representation of the company’s mission statement.

Together with Lingua Custodia’s team, I wish them good luck and we will follow their adventures with a lot of attention. Have a great rally guys !!

                                                                                                                                        The team was interviewed by Alpha Diallo


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