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Natural Language Processing 6-month Internship: Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation outputs without reference translations

Lingua Custodia’s team is composed of a diversified mix of profiles, strongly skilled in their area of expertise, all committed to our entrepreneurial adventure. But what we value the most at Lingua Custodia are soft skills: Team spirit, trustfulness, open-minded thinking, enthusiasm, freedom to try new ideas or practices.


  • Internship supervised by the Lab (R&D team)
  • Internship of 6 months in Paris
  • Full time, 35 hours weekly


  • Study state-of-the art methods for automatic prediction of confidence scores for MT outputs.
  • Propose a method to automatically evaluate the placement and alignment of markup tags (html, xml) in the translated text.
  • Propose a method to automatically give confidence score to a translated text w/ or w/o tags.
  • Integrate the proposed method in the production pipeline.


  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing or any related fields.
  • Proficient in English and French.
  • Experience in Neural NLP approaches as well as rule-based ones.
  • Experience in Linux environment: Bash scripting. Proficiency in Python/Perl.

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