Network/system administrator


The network/system administrator is in charge of the correct functioning of Lingua Custodia’s technical environments. His/her work is closely related to the development team. The administrator’s daily life consists mainly in two types of tasks: project mode activities and common tasks.


Projects are aimed at improving the stability and security of Lingua Custodia’s infrastructure. Furthermore they open new possibilities for the deployment of our products and services. The administrator will have to carry out studies for these projects. He/she will show initiative and will take part in the development and deployment of the proposed solutions.

  • Deployment of centralized user management
  • Deployment of a solution for centralized supervision: logs, warnings, metrics
  • Improvement of the security level of our applications and APIs (adopting new standards)
  • Contribution to the design of new solutions which are  scalable and easier to deploy.

Common tasks

– Maintenance in operational condition of:

  • production systems
  • local network and workstations
  • databases

– Supervision of:

  • production architecture components
  • automatic backuping and archiving
  • security warnings

– User access management

– Frequent reviews for:

  • security
  • configurations


  • Engineering/Master’s degree in Computer Science
  • Proficiency in Linux environment: Bash scripting.
  • Knowledge of scripting languages PHP/Perl/Python


  • Experience with agile software development
  • Knowledge in Windows administration
  • Fluency in both French and English


  • Friendly startup environment
  • Laptop
  • Possibility to work remotely
  • Good health insurance


Applications are expected by email:

Please, specify the position name in subject field.

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