“The reporting of the future for Asset & Wealth Managers” -Webinar

shared their experiences of technological solutions implemented for more reliable and efficient reporting.

Asset & Wealth Managers are facing changes in reporting requirements (client, internal and regulatory) and are constantly looking for disruptive solutions to meet their needs today while questioning whether these solutions will meet their needs in the future.

As they face many barriers to innovation (shrinking budgets, reluctance to change, etc.), how can Asset & Wealth Managers move towards the Reporting and Financial Information of the future?

After a quick overview of reporting trends, the speakers discussed the challenges of new technologies (AI, Machine Learning, NLP, Robotization, Data Storytelling, Translation, etc.) and shared feedback on innovative solutions made in France.

Reporting: all automatic?

Watch the replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ts1Qz_fV5wA