Lingua Custodia’s Generative AI Multi-Document Analyser


Multi-Document and Multi-Lingual Data Extraction 

Lingua Custodia’s Multi-Document Analyser is now in production and can be accessed via the secure platform or through API.
This means that a group of documents can be uploaded at the same time, with key information extracted within seconds. As this technology is also integrated with our machine translation engines, it is possible to load your documents in different languages and extract your data using a different language prompt.

As an example, French, Chinese and Spanish documents can be uploaded and you can ask your queries in English or any other language which is supported by the platform.

You can upload up to 15 pdf documents together. The technology has been optimised to read and extract information in tables and to respond swiftly to queries.

What are the uses cases for the Multi-Document Analyser?

The use cases for the multi-document analyser include financial product and regulation queries, client support queries, requests for proposals and due diligence questionnaires. So, it is possible to upload a group of Key Investment Documents and extract the risk performance indicators and other details.

Lingua Custodia focuses on innovation

Lingua Custodia is very proud of this highly innovative technology which is part of a suite of financial processing services it provides. It was set up by 2 financial professionals in 2011, originally to provide specialised machine translation services, having identified a clear use case for this service.  Since 2020, new technologies, such as speech to text and data extraction, have been added progressively.

 Its aim is to be the market leader in financial document processing for financial institutions, and Lingua Custodia is distinguished by its focus on data security as it recognises that this is a priority for its clients.  Data is stored on bare metal servers in Europe.


Lingua Custodia features on the Wavestone radar for French Generative AI Startups 2023

Generative AI

Lingua Custodia was delighted to feature on the Wavestone Radar for French Generative AI start ups in 2023.

What is the Wavestone Radar?

Wavestone is an international global consulting company, which has a start up accelerator focusing on emerging trends in the startup ecosystem. It shares the results of these market insights through the publication of Wavestone Startup Radars.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of model trained to spot pattens in data, which enables it to then generate new content based on the previous patterns.  So, for example in the finance industry, Generative AI models can be used to analyse trading and investment data, identifying patterns to generate trading opportunities.

Lingua Custodia

Lingua Custodia is included on the Generative AI radar within the ‘Gestion de la Connaissance’ category, because of its focus on financial document processing and its range of technologies for data extraction and analysis.

It is a huge achievement to feature on this radar.  Lingua Custodia was initially created in 2011 by finance professionals to offer specialised machine translation.

Leveraging its state-of-the-art NLP expertise, the company now offers a growing range of financial document processing solutions in addition to its initial Machine translation technology.

Lingua Custodia’s document analyser, uses Generative AI applied to a large language model (LLM) model to search for specific information in confidential documents, extracting and then summarising the information.

The key advantages of our document analyser is the rapid extraction of the relevant data in response to a series of queries. The document analyser is multi-lingual, available in 10 languages. This allows you to query a document in a different language to the one it is written it. The use cases for the document analyser include requests for proposals, regulatory, compliance, research and security documents.

The source references are also included which helps with verifying and checking the accuracy of the responses.  The ability to query several documents at the same time will be developed and live on the platform by the end of Q1 2023.

Generative AI for Enterprise Solutions – privacy and quality issues

There are clear advantages for companies in using generative AI tools – they can provide financial analysis, forecasting and report generation.  Chat bots are another area where generative AI can offer human-like interactions, responding to queries and generating content in the form of emails and documents, providing a fully optimised client service response model.

While companies can see clear advances for productivity in terms of using generative AI chatbots, concerns remain regarding privacy and the protection of confidential financial data.  

Open AI and privacy

Open AI tools such as Chat GPT, will reuse the prompts input when using their platform to train their models, unless the opt out option is used. 

 This is one of the reasons for several large companies such as Apple and Samsung restricting their employee’s usage to generative AI models, because of the potential risk of employees inadvertently sharing proprietary or confidential data. 

Microsoft Bing Enterprise

Microsoft Bing Enterprise was developed in response to these concerns, as the chat access is not saved, ensuring that data remains private.  This distinguishes it from other open Chat bots which are built on more open models.   Bing Chat Enterprise will provide a similar user experience to Bing Chat. providing answers with citations as well as visual answers including charts and images. It’ll be available free with existing Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium subscriptions, and the company also plans to sell a standalone subscription in the future.

Other solutions for companies include developing in-house chat bots, based on their own data, which ensures their data stays in house. 

Data and accuracy

In addition to privacy, concerns over the use of generative AI tools generals are relate to accuracy and hallucinations. The data on which the tool is based needs to be ‘clean’ and of good quality for the tool generate correct content.  

Lingua Custodia and Generative AI

Lingua Custodia has been working on generative AI models for its financial clients for several years, and as a specialist in the financial industry, it is very aware of the importance of ensuring its clients data remains private.  Lingua Custodia’s Data team play a key role in ensuring the underlying data is cleaned and good quality, which is fundamental to the accuracy and reliability of the responses. If models use unreliable data, then this will have a strong impact on the output data quality.