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Financial Document Processing with AI

Fast, efficient, and reliable financial document processing powered by state of the art generative AI and Natural Language Processing techniques.

Translation, transcription and analytical tools to help you understand, communicate and extract the information contained in financial documents within seconds to add value and boost your productivity or propose new services to your clients.

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Tailored document processing technologies for the financial industry leveraging the power of generative AI, accessible through a secure platform or API.

Lingua Custodia

Document Processing

Direct access to our user-friendly and secure platform offering Generative AI document processing solutions or via API for industrial volumes of data.

Lingua Custodia AI advisory

AI Advisory

Expert guidance on customisation and development of Large Language Models (LLMs) for your company.

Recent case studies showcasing how our generative AI solutions address financial document processing challenges and add value.

Lingua Custodia


Global issues on subject matters in translation​

Lingua Custodia

Data Extraction

Rapid analysis and data extraction

Lingua Custodia


Financial Meeting Transcription

Struggling with data overload? Looking for  financial document processing technologies which can optimise your productivity? Our secure AI solutions enable you to extract, analyse and communicate rapidly.

Lingua Custodia


Your sensitive information remains secure and confidential with Lingua Custodia. We prioritise the protection of your data by ensuring it is never handled by third parties. Our dedicated servers are exclusively located in France, adhering to EU compliance standards. To guarantee the highest level of security, our dedicated on-site team continuously monitors, supervises, and safeguards these servers.

Lingua Custodia


Lingua Custodia's advanced AI algorithms allow you to swiftly unlock insights regarding both financial and non financial data to identify trends and relationships mapping for informed decision-making purposes.

Lingua Custodia


Leverage our translation services to rapidly communicate and share financial documents such as KIDs and fund reports in over 10 different languages. Our transcription services help you to rapidly transcribe and share your round table, conferences and podcasts events in over 36 different languages.


Our generative AI Document Analyser tool allows you to swiftly extract key data from large documents and can be used to answer due diligence queries.The PDF table extractor enables you to effortlessly extract and analyse data from financial documents, in order to explore different financial scenarios and to gain a detailed understanding of key financial ratios.

Our generative AI solutions for document processing are innovative, effective, customisable and secure.

Trusted by the Financial Industry

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