6 month internship opportunity working for the Lingua Custodia Lab!

Would you like to work an innovative and supportive environment at the forefront of AI developments?! The objective of this 6 month internship working for the Lingua Custodia Lab (Research and Development team) is to study LLM fine-tuning in the context of financial conversational data (or instructions). You will be working on supervised instruction fine-tuning and reinforcement learning from human feedback. Theoretical and practical knowledge in all of these mentioned topics are essential to carry out the internship.

Internship organisation

Internship supervised by the Lingua Custodia Lab (R&D team)

Internship of 6 months in Paris (fully on-site)

Full time, 35 hours weekly. Ticket restaurant and 50% reimbursement of navigo pass

Starting date: Early 2024

Internship objectives

Study state-of-the art in Large Language Models (LLMs) fine-tuning.

Compare different models through systematic experiments.

Collect large amounts of conversational data (from public sources)

Fine-tune LLMs on conversational chat

Required qualifications and experience

Master’s Degree student in Computer Science, Machine Learning or Natural Language Processing.

Required qualifications and experienceExperience with LLMs (class or personal projects) (this is a must)

Experience with Huggingface library (this is a must)

Proficient in English and/or French.

To apply:

Please send your CV to :  Raheel Qader – raheel.qader@linguacustodia.com 

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