The Fintech company Lingua Custodia, a specialist in NLP applied to Finance since 2011, is expanding its range of solutions for financial institutions.

For more than 10 years, Lingua Custodia has been offering specialised machine translation services to financial industry institutions and providers.

Relationships with multiple teams across all players (Investment houses, custody or investment banks, private banks, financial divisions within major corporations and service providers for financial institutions) have provided Lingua Custodia with a leading observatory to understand the evolution of their current and future needs for specialised technological solutions.

Lingua Custodia has defined a development plan of solutions on its new NLP platform, to which all employees of a client company can connect by SSO (Single Sign On) identification.

Those services are also available through API (Application Programming Interface) connection for automatic integration to its clients’ or their providers’ systems for industrial volume management.

NLP solutions now available on the platform:

  • Speech to Text: Automatic transcription of audio and video content
  • Specialised machine translation is enhanced with a module for managing terminology constraints.

Integrate Terminology Constraints into neural translation models is a topic of research conducted by Lingua Custodia Lab that has been the subject of numerous scientific publications (TALN + RECITAL in June 2022, WMT in November 2021, ACL in August 2021) which is now in production.

The following NLP solutions will be deployed on the platform in the coming months:

  • Sort access to a multilingual financial contextual dictionary
  • Extraction of information related to a targeted concept from large amount of linguistic data (e.g. ESG information)
  • Extraction of financial tables from PDF file to convert them into excel and ease their operation

Other applications currently in co-development phase with its clients will follow.

About Lingua Custodia

Lingua Custodia is a Fintech company leader in Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Finance. It was created in 2011 by finance professionals to initially offer specialised machine translation.

Leveraging its state-of-the-art NLP expertise, the company now offers a growing range of applications: Speech-to-Text automation, Document classification, Linguistic data extraction from unstructured documents, Mass web crawling and data collection, … and achieves superior quality thanks to highly domain-focused machine learning algorithms.

Its cutting-edge technology has been regularly rewarded and recognised by both the industry and clients: Investment houses, custody or investment banks, private banks, financial divisions within major corporations and service providers for financial institutions.