Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Finance

The best of Machine Learning by financial professionals for financial professionals

Automatic Translation, Speech-to-Text automation, Document classification, Linguistic data extraction from unstructured documents, Mass web crawling and data collection,… a superior quality thanks to highly domain-focused machine learning algorithms.

Via a secure web platform or through API connection

Our NLP solutions

Automatic Translation

The unique solution 100% specialised in Finance

Annual reports, Investment comments, Marketing brochures/RFPs, Macro and equity research, KIIDs/Prospectuses, regulatory documentation…

All your documents translated in a few minutes on a secure Platform or through API connection

Speech to Text

Share your content in multi-languages

Your experts dedicate a lot of their time on video/podcast adding value communications. Leverage their impact with multi-language subtitles

Conferences, Panels, Presentations, Boards, … get in a few clicks the transcripts of all speaker’s speeches

Why do they trust us?

For more than ten years now, Lingua Custodia teams improve every day their solutions to help financial institutions save time and resources thanks to NLP applications.

The Lab

The Lab is the Research & Development department of Lingua Custodia.

Each member is a Doctor in Machine Learning and a specialist in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The team has a triple mission:

  • to actively contribute to academic and industrial research in these specific fields,
  • to maintain our products and services at the state of the art,
  • and to develop new value-added applications for our clients.


As a long-active player in the Fintech industry, Lingua Custodia takes part in European outreach. The company is a member of leading innovation hubs in France, Luxembourg and Germany.

In close research partnership with the French National centre for scientific research (CNRS) since 2018, it is also recognised and supported by the French Ministry of Defense for its innovative expertise.

Who are we?

At Lingua Custodia, we are convinced that the right balance, the one that reduces risks and multiplies good initiatives and growth opportunities, is only achieved by bringing together profiles from different backgrounds. Our strength is our diversity, enabling us to develop a wide range of solutions that target a common goal.

That’s why we are delighted that almost half of our teams were born outside France (Algeria, China, Slovakia, Iraq, and the UK), that almost half are women (47%), and that all have varied academic backgrounds and experience, speaking almost 15 different languages.

Behind Tech, our greatest assets are, and will always be Lingua Custodia talents.


Press release

Lingua Custodia launches the first platform of Natural Language Processing (NLP) 100% Finance

12 July 2022

The Fintech company Lingua Custodia, a specialist in NLP applied to Finance since 2011, is expanding its range of solutions for financial institutions. For more than 10 years, Lingua Custodia has been offering specialised machine translation services to financial industry institutions and providers. Relationships with multiple teams across all players (Investment houses, custody or investment […]

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Press release

Lingua Custodia Lab publishes their latest research on NLP

29 June 2022

Today, Lingua Custodia Lab team present their NLP research article “Approach to integrating terminology constraints into neural translation models” which has been selected for publication at the TALN-RECITAL conference 2022 in Avignon, France. From 27 June to 1 July 2022, the French Computer Science and Systems Laboratory (“LIS”) and the Computer Laboratory from Avignon University […]

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Press release

JUMP Technology and Lingua Custodia: Automation of multilingual reporting to support Asset & Wealth Managers in their global ambitions

9 May 2022

JUMP Technology, a leading European provider of a unique and modular investment management platform combining Data Management, Front-Middle-Back, and reporting capabilities, and Lingua Custodia, a Fintech expert in Machine Learning applied to financial linguistics, announce an innovative technological partnership to provide users of the JUMP solution with an instant translation of their client, regulatory and […]

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