Financial Document Processing with A.I

Lingua Custodia is a leading fintech company that specialises in providing professional processing for financial documents and audio/video files using A.I technology and Natural Language Processing techniques.


Our AI based service allows you to optimise your document processing requirements, to help you communicate, analyse and extract data as quickly as possible.


Trust Lingua Custodia to process your financial documents efficiently every time!


The founders are former finance professionals. This means they had direct experience at the heart of the financial crisis in 2007/2008, which resulted in additional regulatory procedures and the requirement to produce investor documentation in several different languages within tight deadlines.

These requirements have resulted in financial professionals having to translate documents themselves in addition to their other responsibilities. 

Lingua Custodia now offers a number of applications to help financial industries meet their data processing requirements through its online user VERTO platform or its API.

Management Team combining expertise in Finance and Natural Language Processing.

Olivier Debeugny – Founder and CEO – ICN Business School, INSEAD MBA – JP Morgan, AXA investment Managers

Raheel Qader – Head of Lab – Ph.D in NLP

Charlotte Bain – Chief Administrative Officer, Chartered Accountant

Frédéric Moioli – MD Luxembourg & Global Head of Sales

Massinissa Ahmim – Head of Product Development – Masters in NLP and Linguistic

Arezki Sadoune – Head of Quality and Data Management – Master in NLP

Gaëtan Boulard – Head of IT – Ecole 42

Lingua Custodia is the only Natural Language Processing (NLP) company that was founded by finance professionals to specifically address the linguistic issues of the financial industry.

Our very large data which is uniquely focused on the financial domain and our expertise in most recent A.I techniques including neural networks allow us to propose solutions for financial institutions to reduce resources and time dedicated to language management processes.

A.I by financial professionals for financial professionals

Lingua Custodia is a leading fintech company that specialises in Natural Language Processing (NLP) for finance. Founded in 2011 by financial professionals the company initially offered specialised machine translation services. Leveraging its NLP expertise, it now offers a growing range of applications in addition to its initial machine translation offering such as Speech-to-Text automation, PDF table extraction, semantic analysis, document classification, linguistic data extraction from unstructured documents, mass web crawling and data collection. The company’s advanced technology has been regularly recognized by the industry and clients such as investment houses, custody banks, private banks, financial divisions within major corporations, and service providers for financial institutions, thanks to its highly domain-focused machine learning algorithms.


Major Financial institution clients
+ 50 Clients
Artificial Intelligence Engines
+160 Machine Translation engines
Natural Language Processing leaders
+ 11 Years
Languages Available
+ 15 Languages
Scientific papers published per year in international conferences
+ 2 Papers
A.I based solution for financial document translation 

Our platform provides fast, secure and accurate translations for all your financial documents, including annual reports, Portfolio management commentaries, marketing brochures, RFPs, macroeconomic research, fund prospectuses and regulatory texts. With our technology, you can trust that your financial documents are translated with precision and efficiency.

Our innovative A.I technology is able to quickly and accurately translate a wide range of financial documents, removing the language barrier, helping you meet your deadlines and ensuring compliance.

We provide fast and secure translations through our platform, allowing you to attain the best financial document translation process.

We walk our clients through the full process of using our document processing A.I, we simplify our solution with an easy to use interface. Accesses can be made available within an hour.

Transcription solution: Speech-to-Text done efficiently
Get your hands on the multi-language subtitles with Lingua Custodia’s Speech-to-Text technology. Our advanced A.I enables us to provide easy and accurate transcription of video and podcast content in multiple languages. Whether it is for conferences, panels, presentations, or board meetings, our Speech-to-Text service will help you leverage the impact of your expert’s valuable communications by reaching a wider, global audience.  Get transcripts of all speakers’ speeches in just a few clicks and increase the reach of your content.
Speech to text service at Lingua Custodia
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We’re secure, we’re really secure!

Your data isn’t handled by any third parties, this ensures the safety of your sensitive information and confidentiality. Our servers are exclusively French based and EU compliant with a team on-site to monitor, supervise and secure these servers.

We’re experts in Finance, none of our competitors understand finance like we do.

Our solution works much better than free online generic tools because all our models have been trained for the business and financial domain with the linguistic data we have been collecting for more than 10 years now. This makes all the difference !

LinguaCustodia, translation service, A.I financial translation, privacy secure
Your data is your data, and so is your privacy!

Our Partners

A historic actor in the FinTech industry, Lingua Custodia is established in Europe. Our company is recognized by fellow FinTech communities in France, Luxembourg and Germany.

An R&D partner running collaboration with CNRS teams since 2018, we’re equally recognised by Agence de l’Innovation de Défense as an enterprise within the network of Ministère des Armées.

The Lab

The Lab is the Research & Development department of Lingua Custodia. Each member of the team has a Doctorate in Machine Learning and/or in Automatic Language Processing. The Lab team has three key missions:

  • Actively contribute to academic and industrial research
  • Ensure our products and service are innovative and based on the latest AI developments
  • Develop new applications that bring value to our customers
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