A solution for the creation and translation of multilingual regulatory documentation.

Regtech Sequantis LT and Lingua Custodia combine their technological and financial data processing capabilities to offer a complete reporting service to asset managers.
Nicolas Fournier, CEO of Sequantis LT, and Olivier Debeugny, CEO of Lingua Custodia talk about this partnership.

Why integrate a machine translation solution with reporting services?

NICOLAS FOURNIER: New regulatory requirements have an exponential impact on the number of reports that need to be produced. At the same time, there are unresolved issues with adapting documents to distribution networks. This is having an additional impact on the volume of reports that need to be produced.
Faced with this mass of documents, reliable machine translation solutions are an essential accelerator for the teams in charge of producing these documents.

What does this integration involve?

OLIVIER DEBEUGNY: We apply Machine Learning technology to financial linguistics to develop intelligent machine translation engines. They are directly connected via API to the Sequantis LT platform. Users of the platform can define what they need according to the types of documents (Prospectuses, KIIDs/KIDs, …) and the languages required.

What are the challenges and benefits of this integration?

NICOLAS FOURNIER: The advantage is obvious, offering an all-in-one solution, in a single platform that each client uses according to their needs. Obviously, the challenge is the quality of the final document, and therefore the time needed to proofread/check each document produced.

Integrated translation, the future for platforms?

OLIVIER DEBEUGNY: Reporting platforms have become essential partners for asset managers. Their development has enabled significant economies of scale (in terms of time and cost) in recent years. We are making this essential service more fluid and efficient by providing the last segment of process automation (the language).

What’s next?

NICOLAS FOURNIER: In addition to PRIIPS and MIFID 2 reporting, we are currently rolling out SFDR reporting – pre-contractual and periodic – to offer all documents in a single platform. But the SFDR regulation, although due by the end of 2021, is still in the consultation phase, so changes are expected. The same goes for the PRIIPS regulation, for which we do not yet have the final version to be implemented at the end of the year!
OLIVIER DEBEUGNY: We will soon be launching a new translation engine specialising in Socially Responsible Investment and ESG criteria. An additional asset for Sequantis LT clients in the context of the SFDR regulation!

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